Adam Mossoff

Adam MossoffDirector of Academic Programs and Senior Scholar

Direct Dial: (703) 993-9577

Adam Mossoff is Director of Academic Programs and a Senior Scholar at CPIP. He is a Professor of Law at George Mason University School of Law, where he teaches and writes in the areas of patent law, trade secrets, property law, and internet law. He has published extensively on the theory and history of how patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights are fundamental property rights, with his articles appearing in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Cornell Law Review, Boston University Law Review, and other journals. His article on the very first patent war, the Sewing Machine War of the 1850s, has become an important part of the public policy debates concerning today’s “smart phone war.” He has presented his research on patent litigation, patent licensing, patent pools, and on other issues in the policy debates, at academic conferences, at law firms and at commercial firms, as well as spoken at conferences or colloquia held by the PTO, the FTC, the DOJ, and the Smithsonian Institution. Professor Mossoff’s scholarly articles can be downloaded here.

In addition to his academic and CPIP work, Professor Mossoff has worked with numerous think tanks and policy organizations, such as the Innovation Alliance and the Progress & Freedom Foundation (a pro-intellectual property rights think tank that shut down in 2010). Currently, he is a member of the Public Policy Committee of the Licensing Executives Society, the Academic Advisory Board of the Copyright Alliance, and is Vice Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee of the IEEE-USA. On behalf of these and other organizations, he has spoken at numerous congressional briefings on topics relating to patent and copyright law.