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Spotlight on Scholarship

    Jonathan D. Putnam & Tim A. Williams, The Smallest Salable Patent-Practicing Unit (SSPPU): Theory and Evidence (forthcoming)

    CPIP Research Scholar Jon Putnam and co-author Tim Williams analyze the recent practice of awarding patent infringement damages based on sales of the smallest salable patent-practicing unit (SSPPU) in order to constrain the patentee’s damages claim to the true “economic footprint” of the invention. The authors argue that this requirement is not grounded in economic theory, industry licensing practices, or the scope of actual patent claims, and they find that the economic impact of an invention is not, in general, limited to the sales price of an input that allegedly embodies it.

    Ryan T. Holte & Christopher B. Seaman, Patent Injunctions on Appeal: An Empirical Study of the Federal Circuit’s Application of eBay, ___ Wash. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming)

    CPIP Edison Fellow Ryan Holte and co-author Chris Seaman present data from the first comprehensive empirical study of the Federal Circuit’s treatment of permanent injunctions following eBay. The paper was supported by a CPIP Leonardo da Vinci Research Grant, and it was selected as a winner in the Federalist Society’s Young Legal Scholars Paper Competition. The authors will present the paper at the Federalist Society’s Annual Faculty Conference in San Francisco, California, this coming January.

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