Innovate4Health: Eye Exams On-the-Go with PEEK

This post is one of a series in the #Innovate4Health policy research initiative. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have vision problems that could be fixed or relieved if only they were diagnosed early enough. Unfortunately, current eye screening equipment is expensive, bulky, and requires specialists to operate it. As a result, the vast majority … Continue reading “Innovate4Health: Eye Exams On-the-Go with PEEK”

Busting Smartphone Patent Licensing Myths

CPIP has released a new policy brief, Busting Smartphone Patent Licensing Myths, by Keith Mallinson, Founder of WiseHarbor. Mr. Mallinson is an expert with 25 years of experience in the wired and wireless telecommunications, media, and entertainment markets. Mr. Mallinson discusses several common myths concerning smartphone patent licensing and argues that antitrust interventions and SSO … Continue reading “Busting Smartphone Patent Licensing Myths”