WIPO-CPIP Summer School on IP Readings & Slides

Topic 1: The Economics of Intellectual Property: Theory (Barnett)

Topic 2: The International IP Landscape: The Players and Institutions (Schultz)

Topic 4: The Real World Value of Patents (Mossoff)

Topic 5: Securing & Using Patents Rights Globally (O’Connor)

Topic 6: Hot Topics: The Role of Patents in Biotech & High-Tech Innovation (Lund)

Topic 8: Real-World Value in Commercial Goodwill (Hughes)

Topic 9: Securing & Using Marks & Designs Globally (Hughes)

Topic 10: Counterfeiting & International Enforcement (Johnson)

Topic 12: Copyright as Property Right: The Real-World Value of Copyrights (Aistars)

Topic 13: Securing & Using Copyright Protection Globally (Priest)

Topic 14: Copyright in the Digital World (Newman)

Topic 16: The Real-World Value of Trade Secrets (Risch)

Topic 17: Securing & Using Trade Secrets Globally (Schultz)

Topic 18: Simulation Exercise: Best Practices for Protecting Trade Secrets (Schultz)

Topic 20: Introduction: Policy & Economics of Intellectual Property Licensing (Mossoff)

Topic 21: IP Valuation and Management (Matteo)

Topic 22: Transfer of Technology & Licensing (Auvil)

Topic 23: Simulation Exercise: Making Cross-Border Business and Investment Decisions for IP-Intensive Businesses (Schultz)

Topic 24: IP & Competition Policy (Layne-Farrar)

Topic 26: Securing the Benefits of Traditional Knowledge for Local Communities (Goldstein)

Topic 27: Bringing Traditional Knowledge to Global Markets for the Benefit of Local Communities (Moody)

Simulation Exercises